Who likes clearing Hair,How To Cope With Blocked Sink Articles Breakfast Cereal & Vegetable Peelings from Plugholes? Here is the first proper preventer which looks good, is easy to use & stays in place! It is the Dossil Hexapus فر توکار اخوان Trap and it is very versatile, fitting virtually any plughole because it can be bent to fit – it is ideal in tight spaces.

Not just for the sink you can use it in your Shower & you will not have to clear the hairs out of the plughole. Easy to look after, it is dishwasher safe, resistant to bleach and made from heat resistant silicone rubber.The perfect flexible sink trap with suckers bends & stays in place, stick to your tiles to store out of the way. Now many of us know from personal experience what a problem it is when you need to fix a sink blockage.

Do you?Naturally your sink trap will help this becoming a thing of the past, but if you do have a blocked sink you obviously will be trying to avoid calling out a plumber and most of the time you should not have to, but if you are faced with a sink full of water that will not drain away what should you do?

You will want to unblock a sink at home quickly because it soon leads to slow draining water, and bad smells but it is all too easy just through everyday use to end up with a blocked sink… certainly the easiest way to deal with this is to ideally bale the water in the sink into a bucket, then use a good sink plunger to remove the blockage.

Place the plunger directly over the drain hole. Push down very firmly then pull up rapidly keeping the plunger over the hole all the time. Repeat several times until the blockage is clear. Run boiling hot water to flush out the pipe.Further problems can occur if the blockage is in the u bend under the sink.

In this instance if you are able you will need to carefully unscrew it, and then carefully poke a piece of wire up the pipe until you move the blockage. Replace the u- bend.Unfortunately if you still have no joy you will need to call a plumber, but most cases can be resolved by taking out the above action.

With the Cleaning brush pump action it is particularly powerful (and environmentally friendly) because it uses water pressure to eliminate blockages.Featuring twin cups – for use on sinks, baths & toilets, so whether your blockage is in the toilet, bath or basin you can still resolve the problem yourself.

This Award winning sink unblocker plunger will unblock a bathroom sink, unblock a basin or unblock a toilet quickly and easily.Other useful items for looking after your sink include a twisted-in-wire Sink Cleaning Brush. With stiff bristles for really effective cleaning, use it to clean the plughole, overflow, behind the taps – any awkward area that is hard to get into!

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